DC Comics reviews for 9/27/17

Suicide Squad #26

Suicide Squad #26 cover

Suicide Squad gets its Gotham Resistance Metal tie-in. While not as good as the previous two outings in Teen Titans and Nightwing, it was still very fun.

This issue of Suicide Squad reads like a chapter of Mad Max with Nightwing, Robin, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc desperately trying to make it to The Batman Who Laughs. But the path is treacherous with Man-Bats, the Suicide Squad and the Teen Titans making for one miserable road trip. And Poison Ivy and a nightmare Robin too.

Writer Rob Williams handles a lot of characters he’s not overly familiar with so some don’t ‘read’ right. Williams tries to bring the same level of shtick and craziness that’s the norm in his regular run of Suicide Squad. That works in spurts here and isn’t as consistent largely due to odd takes on Green Arrow and Robin.

Suicide Squad #26 interior art

I was hoping Williams would do more than just another installment of Suicide Squad with different characters. This ensemble keeps it interesting though with Nightwing learning their mentor might not be there to help them save the day.

Stjepan Sejic’s art is as gorgeous as ever although the Metal-influenced armor/possessions makes for less traditional looks for the characters. His pages are amazing and I can’t rave enough on how impressive he poses characters and gets realistic emotions out of them. Hopefully Sejic gets a crack at illustrating one of DC’s big events. This was a teaser and not nearly enough.

The best development this issue was the payoff for a Resistance subplot and the return of a greatly missed DC character.  Green Arrow wraps things up and it should be fun to see Benjamin Percy concluding the tie-in he started on Teen Titans.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10