DC Comics reviews for 9/27/17

Wonder Woman #31

Wonder Woman #31 cover
Wonder Woman’s new creative team make an impressive debut in the first installment of the new arc Children of the Gods.
Writer James Robinson knows how to immediately snatch readers’ attention with the first page finding Wonder Woman calling to her brother. The next page begins an extended flashback five weeks earlier. That’s a clever use of the flashback and sets up readers’ expectations for learning how this big moment develops.
For now, Wonder Woman is back to some classic superhero action with a slug fest against Giganta. While I enjoyed Etta Candy’s earlier role in the series, I was glad Robinson reduced Wonder Woman’s significant supporting cast to Steve Trevor. She doesn’t need an entourage for every story.
Although fun to see Wonder Woman in a basic battle, the more important development is the return of Grail and her latest slew of victims.
Grail’s arrival means only one thing as she’s appointed herself caretaker of the de-aged Darkseid. This causes some timeline logistical headaches with events from Metal #2. But since Metal seems to be occurring in a very unique time frame, it’s best just to roll with it. Besides, Grail marks a formidable fresh villain for Wonder Woman since her Rogue Gallery was largely exhausted in this run.
Wonder Woman #31 interior art
Carlo Pagulayan probably comes closest to capturing the style of departed Wonder Woman artist Nicola Scott. That’s a big plus for the title, which has had inconsistent art since Scott and Liam Sharp concluded their runs. Pagulayan packs a ton of detail and his cinematic perspectives and layouts does a terrific job of telling the story. Romulo Fajardo Jr.s’ colors have just the right amount of pop, but also aren’t overly glossy and bright.
Robinson seems well versed in the various layers of Wonder Woman’s mythology and is setting up an elaborate arc to play off her history. That’s a good sign that readers could be in for another lengthy, memorable and entertaining run. Hopefully this creative team continues building on this promising start.
Rating: 9 out of 10
Photo Credit: DC Comics