Gotham: Heavydirtysoul review S3 Ep. 22

Gotham’s third season is probably going to be pretty divisive for fans leery of the pre-Batman setting. Heavydirtysoul further blurred the lines that will likely be the breaking point for some. For others — like me — this was a completely unexpected way to end the season and makes Season 4 all the more interesting.

Last episode/the first hour’s cliffhanger almost immediately gets addressed with Bruce using waters from the Lazarus Pit to heal Alfred’s wounds. I really dug the adherence to the Batman mythos here. Alfred didn’t take the full dip in the Pit and had to go through the longer healing process. Ra’s al Ghul did tell Bruce to use the Pit’s waters, but Bruce didn’t take him literal.

Ra’s promises to keep an eye on Bruce as he’s sure now Bruce will become his heir. At the hospital, Selina comes in presumably to check on Alfred and Bruce. He blows her off though and the way their relationship has played out this season, that’s probably not a bad idea. It’s crazy how well the Gotham writers handle the Bruce/Selina relationship.

Gordon figures out the best way to get Jarvis Tetch to secure an antidote is to make a deal with Nygma. Tetch for Penguin. I wish we could chalk this decision up to the virus, but this is the kind of reckless move Gordon would do with no rage enhancing virus.

Gotham heavydirtysoul review - Penguin and Riddler

The trade-off gets screwy once Barbara, Butch and Tabitha arrive to re-capture Tetch. I appreciate the mention of the crooked cops under Barbara’s thumb. Naturally, Nygma’s plans don’t work out so well and he gets kidnapped by Penguin. While he’s typically had the mental upper hand on everyone this year, Nygma didn’t count on Penguin knowing how he thinks. Penguin set up an ambush with Mr. Freeze, who puts Riddler on ice. With Ivy as his Harley, Penguin is all set to create his new business endeavor — The Iceberg Lounge with his frozen former ally as a main attraction.

Barbara’s plans were going awry too. Butch had been in Tabitha’s ear to get her to break away from Barbara. With Barbara’s constant berating and treating them like hired help, Butch made a convincing argument. But Barbara isn’t stupid and noticed all their random whispering. Instead of going on with stupid crimelord monolguing, Barbara kills Butch with a well-placed shot in the head. After learning her devoted lunkhead’s death, Tabitha finally chooses sides and Barbara is on the other one.


Just when it seems like Barbara is about to be one hot girlfriend/lackey short, Tabitha makes a shocking choice and electrocutes Barbara. Erin Richards made such a remarkable rehabilitation on Season 1’s worst character that I’m a little bummed she’s gone. But with Penguin becoming the new nightclub owner, she would have become redundant and maybe it’s best to off her before she became terrible again.

But maybe Tabitha acted a bit hasty. As Butch is wheeled in to the hospital, the nurse reveals his real name is Cyrus Gold. As in Solomon Grundy?!?! OK, this was a little clumsy, but Gotham couldn’t have stumbled onto a better Grundy than Butch. Selina wants to do more than just survive and seeks out Tabitha as her new mentor? She’s already handy with a whip…

Gotham heavydirtysoul review - Lee

Gordon goes hard in dealing with Tetch. Filling a mason jar with his blood, but not killing him. With an antidote whipped up, it’s time to save Lee. But with only one vial completed, Gordon is going to save it on his hottie ex first. This is a bad call Jimbo. Bad Girl Lee has been a revelation.

Lee isn’t down with recovery and shatters the antidote. It’s hard to blame Gordon here, but Bullock’s last ditch chance works. Gordon injects Lee with the antidote and Bullock managed to get a second for Jim. But the damage is done and Lee is done with Gotham. This is a little too much like the finale of Season 2 so Lee should probably be written off for good now. Or at least a couple of seasons.


And finally, the most controversial moment of Heavydirtysoul. A family is about to get robbed, when a black clad vigilante takes down the robber. Bruce climbs to the rooftop taking the first step on his journey to becoming pre-Batman. I’m gonna give Gotham the benefit of the doubt and assume Bruce won’t go full vigilante next season. Hopefully next season will be him learning he’s not ready yet. Making him proto-Batman already would be kinda silly though.


Season 3 was Gotham’s best effort yet. This is a show that’s pulled an Agents of SHIELD and has consistently been good since it’s sketchy first season. With some savvy moves and maintaining true to the show’s original premise, there’s no reason to doubt Season 4 won’t be just as entertaining.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Jeff Neumann/FOX