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Black Monday Murders #7

Black Monday Murders 7

The Black Monday Murders Issue #6 ends with a bloody, naked Abby having her fill from eating and killing people on the Eresko property and binding Victor Eresko, Daniel Rothschild’s murderer, to a chair as she draws symbols on the floor in blood. We also discovered that the god Mammon lives below The Federal Reserve building.

Issue #7 opens with Dr. Tyler Gaddis and Detective Theodore Dumas within The Federal Reserve Building to meet the god Mammon. Gaddis says the, (outdated), code words and pays the, (outdated), price to see the god and thus begins their descent to meet the hungry, powerful Mammon. Elsewhere board member Beatrix Bischoff meets with another board member to discuss her concerns of Grigoria Rothschild’s new strength since the bullet she shot her with didn’t do as much damage as her spell intended to.


The best issue of the series to date, Black Monday Murders finally shows Mammon the god and he answers their questions giving the reading a better understanding of his powers and how it affects the people that believe in him as well as the students in his schools. This issue also presents more questions that will most likely be addressed later in the series, keeping fans like myself eager to see the direction the series will go. Several violent cliffhangers towards at the end of this entry, keeping the reader anxious for October 25th, the release date for the next issue. — Pierre

Rating: 10 out of 10

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