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Spawn #278

Spawn #278

Issue #277 ended with Spawn at the mercy of a foe, with his own powers being used against him and Cyan’s turmoil with seeing spirits others cannot see. In #278, Spawn escapes his captor, learning more about the people conspiring against him; Angels with a grudge. Cyan however, still desires to understand why she can see spirits. It doesn’t seem like she can get many answers from her Uncle Al and begins to worry about her friend Yoko when she doesn’t answer her phone.

Issue #278 definitely keeps the readers engaged with possible foreshadowing of the fate of Cyan and still tapping into Spawn’s powers however they were very vague, (quite possibly an issue only to new fans of Spawn), as to what Spawn did to anger the angels after him.


This newest entry into the ‘Dark Horror’ Arc ends setting the tone for a much needed conversation between Cyan and her uncle Al. Definitely an issue fans of Spawn and fans of the new Spawn creative team of writer Darragh Savage and artist Jason Shawn Alexander would not want to miss. –Pierre

Rating: 10 out of 10

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