WWE Miss Elizabeth figure review Then Now Forever Wave 3

Miss Elizabeth was most 80s WWF fans’ first crush. Sure Wendi Richter was cool in that tomboy-ish best friend kind of way, there was something special about Elizabeth. That she spent all her time with that maniac Macho Man Randy Savage made it even worse.

Mattel already got one up on Jakks by releasing the first Miss Elizabeth since the Toy Biz WCW era, but she was definitely worthy of another figure. Elizabeth was the Forever choice in the Wal-Mart exclusive Then Now Forever Wave 3. While I’ve yet to find American Alpha, I definitely was happy to find Liz’a-beth (use your George the Animal Steele voice) on the shelf. Let’s see how Mattel did with this one.

Packaging:  I love the TNF color scheme. It’s more colorful than the normal Elite packaging. The ‘Forever’ tag has a blue accent setup. The white and dark grey primary scheme plays well with the blue and red accents.

WWE Then Now Forever Miss Elizabeth figure review -package bio

Elizabeth gets a great bio summarizing her mark on the WWE, which I continue to wish Mattel did as the norm for all Flashback figures. Elizabeth’s pose isn’t the best as it leaves a lot of empty space on the sides.

Likeness:  I really wish Mattel went with a different head sculpt here. Not because the first sculpt was terrible, but because Mattel didn’t nail the hair sculpt. Liz styled her hair with more of an 80s poof and the sides look weird as if she’s wearing a wig.

WWE Then Now Forever Miss Elizabeth figure review -hair close up

Mattel was unusually cheap in cutting out Elizabeth’s earrings. Her previous release had them and Liz always, always wore earrings. That’s a bad oversight for a figure that is so basic. Maybe Mattel figure adding a necklace balanced things out? It hangs a little higher than I’d like, but otherwise, it looks fine despite the lack of bling.

WWE Then Now Forever Miss Elizabeth figure review -with Paul Bearer, Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart and Sherri Martel

Scale:  Miss Elizabeth was dwarfed by the monsters inhabiting WWF rings in the 80s. This figure looks appropriately diminutive even with the heels.


Paint:  There’s not a lot of paint apps here. Liz’s elbow length gloves are painted in a flat black and her silver heels are fine. This works in Mattel’s favor here as Elizabeth didn’t overindulge with the makeup so her figure doesn’t look as bare as a lot of modern day Divas/Women’s figures. But since I should probably mention something here, Liz had a lighter shade of brown than the flat brown Mattel used.

Articulation:  In something that continues to baffle me, Liz is the only female figure from Mattel to get double jointed knees. Liz never really sat at ringside so that’s bizarre. It also doesn’t help the aesthetic since she doesn’t need it. Liz is truly one of those figures who doesn’t need a lot of articulation, but gets more than the norm anyway.

WWE Then Now Forever Miss Elizabeth figure review -being blocked by Macho Man

Miss Elizabeth has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories:  Here’s where Miss Elizabeth really gets dinged. Her big accessory is the dress she’s wearing. In fairness, it’s a nice, shimmery green dress that’s tailored and fits nicely, but c’mon. It’s not like the other figures in this particular wave seem too cost intensive. Ideally, Mattel would have pulled a Jack Swagger and gave Liz a second dress to give more bang for the buck.

WWE Then Now Forever Miss Elizabeth figure review - in tray

Worth it?  I found Miss Elizabeth for a cheaper price of $17. That’s better considering this is higher than the average Basic figure. I’ll chalk some of the costs to the shimmery dress.

Rating:  8 out of 10

With earrings and another useful accessory, this would be an easy recommendation. As is, it’s only really worth it if you want some variety in your Elizabeth collection or missed out on the first one.

WWE Then Now Forever Miss Elizabeth figure review -with Macho Man Randy Savage
Where to get it?
 The Then Now Forever is exclusive to Wal-Mart. That’s your first choice otherwise you’ll have to pay extra at Amazon or eBay.