WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review

I’d become wrestling educated enough to know that the suit clad member of the Nation of Domination used to roll with The Gangstas in Smokey Mountain Wrestling. I was excited when he finally got a chance to wrestle as a core member of Farooq’s new Nation, one of my favorite WWE factions. D-Lo made the most of his time in the group and established himself as a solid mid-card star.

Mattel has been frustratingly slow in cranking out the rest of the Nation after the Farooq and Rock two-pack. D-Lo gets us to the halfway point and hopefully NOD versions of Kama and Mark Henry are in the works. For now, let’s get the low down on D-Lo’s figure.

Packaging:  We’ve got the standard Elite packaging. I like when Mattel switches the color scheme up as I’m tired of the red backdrop. D-Lo has the scratch logo so there’s no real distinction from the modern stars.

WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review - bio

D-Lo is definitely a guy that would benefit from a bio if for no other reason than to explain his connection to The Rock.

WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review - chest paint detail

Likeness:  This might be one of Mattel’s best head sculpts this year. D-Lo has a great neutral expression and the sculpt captured his features well. He’s sized properly with parts that provide him the right amount of bulk.

WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review - calves off

The only weird thing is D-Lo’s calves hang beyond the boots. It’s a small thing, but something Mattel should have caught in production.


WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review - scale with The Rock, Road Dogg, Triple H and Mr. Ass

Scale:  D-Lo was 6’1” than the 6’5” The Rock and  6’6” Big Boss Man and 7’ Kane. His figure is appropriately sized as he’s smaller than Farooq and The Rock.

Paint:  The paintwork on the figure is really solid. D-Lo has an African print inspired pattern that is very clean. A lot of it is covered with the chest protector so occasionally I’m going to pose him with it off just to check it out.

This shouldn’t be a plus, but given how Farooq turned out it’s worth mentioning that D-Lo’s skin tone is accurate. I hope Mattel does some more Farooq/Ron Simmons figures to make up for what we’ve gotten so far.

WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review - DX vs Nation brawl

Articulation:  There’s not much you can’t do with D-Lo. Frog splashes and Lo Downs are achievable. I wouldn’t have minded if Mattel made a ‘action feature’ and left D-Lo’s neck peg a little looser than normal though.

WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review - Lo Down on Triple H

D-Lo Brown has:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Wrist
  • Wrist hinge
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Ankles

WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review - kicking Road Dogg with The Rock

Accessories:  D-Lo is a rarity for Mattel in that he comes with all his essential accessories. He has the most important accessory — his chest protector. This was much needed protection after that dastardly attack by Dan Severn. Just in case D-Lo might need it from match to match.

WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review -holding off Chyna while Rock does The People's Elbow


I appreciate that Mattel made it removable allowing for post Nation antics. It’s actually a dedicated sculpt and not re purposed from The Shield figures.

WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review - standing tall with The Rock with title belts

D-Lo also gets the European title. This was a vanity title for most stars, but D-Lo made it mean something. Mattel still hasn’t made a European title worthy of swapping out the excellent Jakks version. That’s not a big problem as I’d rather the figure be correct than the titles. He also gets the useless parking low brawl diorama.

WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review -wide shot

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

D-Lo gets me another step closer to completing The Nation. And he sets the bar high for Kama and Mark Henry versions.

WWE Elite D-Lo Brown figure review - D-Lo Brown, Farooq and The Rock do Nation of Domination salute

Where to get it? Amazon.com just got Wave 52 in stock as competitors like Toys R Us, Target and Wal-Mart are fully stocked with Wave 51. You can order him now from Amazon, but don’t forget every purchase probably means a lot for Toys R Us these days.

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