DC Comics reviews for 10/4/17

Superman #32

Superman #32 cover

Deathstroke keeps pushing Superman’s buttons, but threatening to kill Lois Lane might prove The Man of Steel’s breaking point.

The second chapter of this fill-in two-parter isn’t as strong as the first installment. It read like a story running in place. Regardless of the situation — or what movies would suggest — Superman doesn’t kill. Even with Lois’ life on the line, he’s going to find another solution. Fill-in writer James Bonny tries to work in some interesting wrinkles, but the story doesn’t have a satisfying mark until the final page. While a nice reveal, it doesn’t seem like anything that will get paid off anytime soon.

Superman #32 interior art

Tyler Kirkham’s art is decent. There’s an inconsistency to character faces making them look younger on one page and then much older on another. His panels tend to get overly busy, but there’s a nice flow to the action. Kirkham could tighten up his Superman some as he’s the one character that could use some work.

Is this issue worth grabbing? There’s some worthwhile Lois and Clark sequences and Bonny has a good handle on Slade Wilson’s mentality. It’s not the most groundbreaking issue, but good enough for those who grabbed the first chapter.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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