DC Comics reviews for 10/4/17

Deathstroke #24

Deathstroke #24 cover

In Part 3 of Deathstroke Defiance, Issue 24 has Wally West as the lead as he explains how he got into Defiance, a new school for superheroes. A mysterious gunman was shooting near an area he and Tanya were shopping, but was he able to save the people with his incredible speed? In the present, Willow is looking for Claire and her journey may lead to adversaries stronger than she imagined.

This issue with Kid Flash as the lead provides insight not only on him but also other characters in Defiance and beyond as well. Deathstroke also makes a quite a few appearances in this issue and in one sequence he delivers a strong philosophical message about heroes vs those we perceive as villains. Definitely ends with readers wanting the next issue and should appeal to fans of Deathstroke and Wally West. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 8 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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