DC Comics reviews for 10/4/17

Batman #32

Batman #32 cover

Maybe there were other ways Tom King could have written the final chapter of The War of Jokes and Riddles. Some could have been more shocking. With a crazier twist. But none would have felt so fitting as this masterful chapter of the most compelling arc of this Rebirth run of Batman.

Bruce Wayne confides to Selina what truly happened when he, Riddler and Joker were the last ones standing. Not only does he share what happened on that fateful encounter, but the real reason for the war in the first place. It’s crazy, but completely fitting for this story line. There’s not a ton of dialogue here, but what King does provide works. There’s also a quality modern day tribute to the 1966 Batman era, which I absolutely won’t spoil.

Mikel Janin’s art has been solid throughout.  The double spread with all of the victims and their cause of death is powerful stuff. But every page features some terrific cinematic perspective to the point that I could almost hear the dramatic accompanying score.  June Chung’s color work is equally fantastic with some great shading.

Batman #32 interior artBruce finally gets his answer to his proposal as well. Either way was going to lead to a significant change in Batman’s status quo and King milks the answer for maximum effect leaving it up to readers how this will impact the title. King is keeping this title unpredictable and very fun.

Metal might be getting a lot of attention, but this has been a modern classic Batman tale worthy of every accolade.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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