DC Comics reviews for 10/4/17

Batman: White Knight #1

Batman White Knight #1 cover

In this timeline, Issue #1 opens with a visit to Arkham Asylum with Batman is a prisoner as The Joker comes to ask Batman for help. This dark, new storyline explores a universe where The Joker may no longer be The Joker.

Instead he may be Jack Napier, Gotham’s White Knight.

So this issue, (although steals inspiration from the Lego Batman movie), explores the flaws of the vigilante Batman. His grand attacks and car chases often leave civilian injuries and property damages. He breaks laws with the silent protection of the Gotham City Police Department and Commissioner James Gordon up until a video goes viral of Batman and The Joker in a violent, compromising position.

Batman White Knight #1 interior art

I am interested in this series simply because as an adult I have seen many flaws in the character Batman. Some of which are addressed in this issue but his lack of killing violent enemies, (like The Joker), seem to create more trouble for Gotham City rather than true elimination. This series should definitely be appealing to fans of Batman and more specifically fans of the Batman video game trilogy. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 8 out of 10

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