DC Comics reviews for 10/4/17

Green Arrow #32

Green Arrow #32 cover

Green Arrow wraps the Gotham Resistance arc. Barring any other Metal arcs, this was easily one of the best handled crossover tie-ins I’ve read in years.

DC execs were very smart with this twist on the usual crossover cash grab. Instead of forcing some loosely connected link to the events in Metal, Gotham Resistance was a focused side quest that fleshed out the larger story. Metal has been written in a way that it could be a standalone read, but Gotham Resistance was so good it proved immensely rewarding for those craving more Metal stories in the month-long wait for issue #3.


The Resistance group of Green Arrow, Nightwing, Robin, Harley Quinn and Mr. Terrific were already facing terrible odds against the corrupted Teen Titans and Suicide Squad. But now, they’re at the final ring and confronting Bane, the nightmare Robins and The Batman Who Smiles … and his pals.

Regular Green Arrow writer Benjamin Percy is joined by Flash scribe Joshua Williamson. Over the past year, Williamson has raised his status working on various high-profile books. And Percy has been strong out the gate of Rebirth as well.

Even though this was much more of a team-up issue than standalone, Percy and Williamson gave Green Arrow significant moments in his book. And it was fitting he gets the final rallying statement in the issue, which could prove a pivotal point in the overall Metal conflict.

Percy and Williamson have no problem juggling the diverse cast either providing good scenes for the rest of the Resistance, including latecomer Mr. Terrific. He’s been out of the limelight largely since his solo title was cancelled and it was good seeing him return in the regular DC universe after a stint in Earth-2. The writers also succeeded in using Harley well without forcing jokes and outlandish scenarios.

Gotham Resistance also benefited from consistently strong art. Green Arrow co-artist Juan Ferreyra brings his fantastic painted art style to wrap the arc on a high. Ferreyra is well suited for this nightmarish take on Gotham with a darker color palette to capture the mood properly.

Green Arrow should return to its standard programming next issue, but it was ironic that after the extended Hard Traveling Hero arc, Gotham Resistance delivered a better Green Arrow team-up story. This one was well worth checking out.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10