DC Comics reviews for 10/4/17

Green Lanterns #32

Green Lanterns #32 cover

Writer Sam Humphries is leaving the book he’s helped usher in to Rebirth prominence. His next assignment is still a secret — possibly to be revealed at New York Comic Con this weekend. But before he goes to the latest high profile gig, Humphries writes a send-off issue to wrap some of his lingering subplots.

First, Baz and Cruz finally go for some pancakes. This isn’t the Luke Cage and Claire euphemism, but an actual pancake run. Nazir and Baz manage to talk and clear the air while Cruz gets over her shyness enough to start flirting with a guy at a house party.

Scott Godlewski handles the art this issue. I’m not the biggest fan of Godlewki’s work particularly the wide faces and inconsistent expressions. Those flaws popped up at various points in the issue, but never really took away from the story. Green Lanterns has had some strong art the last few issues so this was a step back.

Green Lanterns #32 interior art

This issue isn’t about big battles and dynamic action sequences. It reads just as easily as the final issue of the series, but fortunately it’s still going without Humphries. For fans of his run, this is a fitting conclusion that leaves a full cupboard for the new creative team.

Humphries really had a blank slate with Baz and Cruz and made them a fun pairing. I wish other writers utilized them as well in other books. Hopefully, incoming writer Tim Seeley maintains and continues to build on the terrific bond Humphries established.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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