DC Comics reviews for 10/4/17

Justice League #30

Justice League #30 cover

Typically, there’s a part in every prolonged Justice League arc when it seems writer Bryan Hitch has lost his way. There were a few signs that was the case in this fourth chapter of Legacy, but the story has been so good so far it’s still working.

Wonder Woman has been ensnared by The Darkness and the Justice League’s future children are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop her. Or rather they were as now they’re starting to question their future since Wonder Woman wasn’t in this position in their time frame.

Hitch also addresses some lingering subplots like Future Aquaman’s beef and who’s really under the mask of Sovereign. Unlike previous arcs, the build for these reveals gets rewarded with a satisfying payoff. Hitch also delivers on the whereabouts on the Justice League after confronting Aquaman. The script nearly got away from Hitch during the Sovereign/Wonder Woman scenes. I bet this scene will play out better in a collected format, but Diana’s scenes were the only ones that didn’t work.

Justice League #30 interior art

Fernando Pasarin’s art wasn’t as consistent this issue, which is likely the result of four inkers. Still, Pasarin’s art looks very good and Brad Anderson’s color work is elite. From the Batwing cockpit to the Lantern spectrum to subtle shadows, Anderson’s work is top shelf.

Legacy has one more issue left and it’s Hitch’s swan song on the title. While his run has been marked by inconsistencies, this has been a great high note to leave the title on. If the fifth chapter is as good as the previous installments, this will be the definitive arc of Hitch’s Justice League run.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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