New Justice League posters showcase more colorful side

Warner Bros. and DC definitely seemed to take to heart criticism the films were too dark. The Justice League trailers have emphasized a lighter, jokey tone even with Batman. Another indicator is the tone of the promotional materials. In the new batch of Justice League posters, there’s a lot more flair and color. There’s a much greater comic book feel and I love it.

The profile posters were nice with mostly complementary colors for the portraits. Warner Bros. marketing team has come up with some snazzy looking material. A framed set of these would look pretty cool…once we get the final member of the team to balance it out.


I’ve really gotta commend whoever is in charge of the Justice League marketing. Showcasing Superman on all the promotional materials would no doubt further drum up interest in the film. But from the trailers to posters, Superman has been MIA. I’m sure eventually we’ll see him — maybe even as soon as this weekend with the NYCC 2017 trailer, but this level of restraint is commendable.

And I’m also very curious about the early tease about Uniting the Seven. I’m still holding out hope we’re going to see a seventh member make a last minute appearance. Green Lantern makes the most sense, but if it’s Stephen Amell’s Arrow that would really be an amazing coup.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures