The bionic man tangles with Real American Hero in Six Million Dollar Man/GI Joe crossover

Even before my obsession with GI Joe started, I was a fan of The Six Million Dollar Man. It’s the first thing that came to my mind when the man who would become Stone Cold Steve Austin debuted in WCCW.
Someone at IDW and Dynamite Entertainment also has a great appreciation for him as well as we’re getting a Six Million Dollar Man/GI Joe: A Real American Hero four issue crossover. The mini-series kicks off in January.

‘G.I. JOE and Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, are two pop culture mainstays who have influenced the comics industry for years,’ said Dynamite CEO/Publisher Nick Barrucci in a statement. ‘We’ve had great runs with our Six Million Dollar Manseries, and long been admirers of IDW’s ongoing G.I. JOE series. Now is the time for these two to cross-over and we couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating on this event series, and working with our good friends at IDW.”


I’m very excited with the reveal SL Gallant is handling the art for the mini-series. He’s become the modern definitive GI Joe artist as he’s done more than 75 issues with Joe writer Larry Hama. He’ll be joined by Ryan Ferrier (TMNT: Dimension X, Rocko’s Modern Life).

Six Million Dollar Man GI Joe

‘To say Shannon and I are having fun with bringing these two iconic properties together would be a massive understatement,’ said Ferrier said in a statement. ‘We are going full-tilt and no-holds-barred with this story. It’s everything we love about G.I. JOE, the classic characters, and massive action, colliding face-first with the steel-infused, secret agent coolness of The Six Million Dollar Man. We are chomping at the bit for everyone to read this comic with a kung-fu grip.’

The cover already has me intrigued with Snake-Eyes battling Austin with Storm Shadow in the background. I’m even more excited about seeing the variant cover by Mike Zeck one of my favorite cover artists. Ken Lashley and John Cassady will also provide variant covers.

Photo Credit: IDW/Dynamite Entertainment