Lyles Movie Files Podcast Ep. 2 – Fast and Furious drama, Inhumans apathy

After a few technical difficulties, we’re back for Ep. 2 of the Lyles Movie Files podcast. Jayce and Chief join me in discussing the latest Fast and the Furious drama with The Rock and Tyrese. We also ponder why Chief just can’t get excited about the prospect of watching a Gambit movie and we all try to work up some interest in the Inhumans TV series.

Also, my good friend Julian Lytle drops by to talk about his latest project for Inktober as well as where you can find him at New York Comic Con 2017.



If there’s anything you want to hear us talk about, like how you could win free tickets to see Blade Runner 2049 — which you would know about if you tuned in to Ep. 2 or checked out the site lately, let me know.

This podcast remains a work in progress, but it’s proving to be a lot of fun. Now that I’ve worked out the early kinks we should be on a regular weekly schedule now. Hope you enjoy Ep. 2 and we’ll see you next week.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures