Official Hasbro images of Marvel Legends NYCC 2017 wave

Hasbro has stated its X-Men BAF Apocalypse Wave is its strongest of the three waves. That’s a bold claim and I’m not entirely sure it’s worthy of such accolades. But I’m starting to turn around after seeing two new additions and other Marvel Legends NYCC 2017 reveals.

As part of a press only event today at the kickoff to New York Comic Con, two new additions were revealed. Or at least one. Multiple Man was debuted along with the Gladiator previously seen in the SDCC 2014 set.

Marvel Legends BAF Apocalypse Gladiator

I was hoping the rumors of Gladiator would prove untrue. He might have some touch-ups, but I would have been satisfied with any other member of the Imperial Guard. Like a Fang with Logan head accessory.

Multiple Man is far more impressive. He’s in his 90s X-Factor attire and has three heads. As if we needed any more incentive to army build. Three is a safe bet for me, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him cheaper later on Amazon like Sunfire or his X-Factor allies Polaris and Havok.

Marvel Legends BAF Apocalypse Multiple Man


If the rumors hold true, Hasbro still has yet to reveal Magneto and Sabretooth. Given the quality of this wave so far they could put it over the top. For me that largely depends if Hasbro goes with their classic outfits and not some flavor of the month modern attire.

Either way at this rate I’m pretty much locked in for getting all the figures in this BAF Apocalypse wave.

Next up was another reveal for the Avengers wave. We’ve already seen Songbird and King Cobra and now we got a glimpse of Taskmaster in his classic attire.

Marvel Legends NYCC 2017 Taskmaster

I’m really loving how Hasbro doesn’t have classic fans waiting too long after they hit the modern outfit. And this figure was definitely worth the wait and an improvement over the Toy Biz figure.

Marvel Legends NYCC 17 Spider-Man Noir

Next up was the Spider-Man Noir. I think this outfit is pretty cool, but not a huge fan of the re-use of the Nick Fury figure s. Hopefully this was a real rough mock-up and he’ll have a better body by the time he arrives at retail.

Marvel Legends Prowler

One of the nicer surprises was the Prowler reveal. He’s one of the few Spider-Man allies that I considered essential so I’m glad to see him get a ML figure. And a really nice one too. I’m definitely hoping the rumors of a new Elektra, Cloak & Dagger and Doctor Octopus are true if they turn out this nice.

Photo Credit: Hasbro