7 standout moments from new Justice League trailer

Warner Bros. wrapped New York Comic Con 2017 with the reveal of a new Justice League trailer. I’m getting more and more excited for this one and curious to see how it comes together. Here’s seven standout moments for me from the new Justice League trailer.

A brewing Crisis

Any longtime DC fan can tell you red skies = not good. They’re a telltale of a Crisis whether on Infinite Earths, an Infinite one or a Forever one. Either way, red skies are the first indicator things aren’t good. The new Justice League trailer has a nice nod to Crisis with the Parademons emerging as one black force in an impossibly huge army. Hopefully the red skies clear up a little as that could make for a bleak backdrop especially for viewers watching in a darkened CD environment.

Amazons in action

Wonder Woman’s major box office success assured her world was going to get a ton of attention. That means more Amazons. The new trailer shows the Amazons heading into battle against the Parademons. This won’t be nearly as satisfying as watching them kill Nazis, but Parademons are the next best thing. From the trailer, it certainly looks like this is going to be a significant battle scene, which is going to be awesome. Amazon actions scenes always deliver.


Classic Justice League throwback

One of the staples of the earlier Justice League comics was the team would learn of a problem, then split up to handle it. Based on the sequences with Aquaman and Wonder Woman battling Steppenwolf in separate locations it appears the film will pay homage to that staple as well. Hopefully that will help provide some nice showcase moments for Cyborg, who was somewhat under served in the new trailer.

Joss Whedon’s action style was showcased

Among the many aspects of The Avengers, Joss Whedon nailed was heavily involved, intricate fight scenes that switched character perspective. The new trailer teased some of that dynamic action setup with the camera hopping around to different characters. I’m more optimistic Whedon can find ways to work in the characters’ powers as effectively as he did the Battle of New York.


Flash is going to steer the humor

If it wasn’t already obvious, Ezra Miller’s character looks to be the driving force of the film’s lightheartedness. It was pretty funny seeing Flash react to the Batsignal. Miller tends to play darker characters, but I’m starting to come around on the notion he can pull off this role and sell me on his standalone film.

Smiles all around

This isn’t your DCEU from two years ago where everyone’s brooding and moping. Nope, the trailer was cut in a way to catch all the Justice League members enjoying a smile or two. Warner’s had largely missed the mark with mainstream audiences by making their films too serious. Justice League looks to make an immediate course correction and it’s no coincide the new trailer starts off with a smiling Superman.

Still not spoiling Superman

I’m loving Warner Bros.’ tactics here. People might not know Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman, or at least in these incarnations, but Superman is immediately recognizable. That’s not stopping Warner’s from caving in and showing Superman in the trailer. They’re actually taking great care to protect and reinforce the notion he’s dead. And everyone has to adjust to a World Without Superman. I love the nod to the classic middle chapter of the Death of Superman saga here too. The trailers are definitely doing a great job of building excitement for Superman’s inevitable return.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.