Blade Runner 2049 giveaway pack

Judging by the somewhat disappointing opening weekend, maybe Blade Runner 2049 fever wasn’t as hot as experts imagined. But for those Blade Runner fans out there, Lyles Movie Files has a huge giveaway pack for you.

Warner Bros. provided a lot of great merchandise here and it’s pretty high quality. This isn’t the standard cheap giveaway pack and great for fans. Included in this set are a Blade Runner 2049

  • Cap
  • T-shirt
  • LED Spinners
  • Popsockets

Blade Runner 2049 giveaway pack

Sorry, the pack doesn’t include Ryan Gosling posters or phone number.  I’ll keep this one super easy for everyone too. All you’ve gotta do is leave a comment so I can hit you up and get your mailing address. And if you’ve already seen the movie give your score of the film too.


Warner Bros. was kind enough to provide a slew of merchandise so go get yourself some swag with this giveaway pack. There’s plenty for all of the readers. And don’t forget about the Cult of Chucky giveaway while you’re checking out free stuff on the site.

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Photo Credit: Warner Bros.