Marvel Legends The Human Torch figure review – Walgreens exclusive

It’s oddly fitting to pick up the Marvel Legends Human Torch figure now. I liked the FF well enough, but it wasn’t until the revamped cartoon featuring ripped from the pages of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby that I came to truly appreciate them. And those early episodes in Season 2 kicked off with an arc introducing the Inhumans. The show doesn’t look like it’s going to be nearly as entertaining so check out the cartoon here.

Hasbro is releasing the Fantastic Four in a unique manner through an exclusive partnership with Walgreens. As if there wasn’t enough reason to start doing more figure shopping there these days. Human Torch got the call up to arrive in stores next and by this point he should be plentiful on various shelves. Let’s see if the figure leaves me heated or feeling burnt.

Package:  Johnny gets essentially the same package setup as everyone else. I’m glad Hasbro has the unique Fantastic Four logo up front for this unofficial FF wave.

Marvel Legends The Human Torch figure review - package bio

The inner lining has the FF logo and the sides feature the usual cool portrait and limited bio. And there’s the added nice touch of the logo atop the package as well.

Likeness:  Opinions were mixed when this figure was revealed. Granted, it’s hard to get a character who turns fiery just right. The biggest annoyance for a lot of folks was the visible distinction of the outfit’s logo, gloves, belt and boots.

Marvel Legends The Human Torch figure review -wide pose

If I wasn’t so pressed for an updated FF, I’d be more adamant about this not looking like a John Byrne style Human Torch. The important elements are there namely the slighter body and cocky smirk. Maybe if these go on sale again, I’ll entertain the notion of customizing one with the lines throughout.

Marvel Legends The Human Torch figure review - with Toy Biz Human Torch

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Paint:  Human Torch has a very cool paint setup with a slightly translucent base that captures lots of reds, yellows and oranges. The head is a much lighter shade, which is maybe the one change I don’t think was the best idea.

Otherwise this figure nicely accomplishes the goal of making Human Torch look like he’s on fire in a better way than Hasbro managed with Iceman.


Marvel Legends The Human Torch figure review - with Invisble Woman and The Thing

Scale:  Torch is the same size as the other characters using the Bucky Cap mold. He’s sized smaller than Sub-Mariner, but will be looking most characters eye to eye. I always think of Johnny as smaller so he’s a bit too tall for my liking. Ideally he’d be the same height as Invisible Woman.

Articulation:  Here’s some first world collector problems. The body is filled with as much terrific articulation as always, but I agree with fans who think the Sunfire body would have been a better choice since it allows for better flight poses.

Marvel Legends The Human Torch figure review -aiming fireballs

With a little creativity, there’s few limits to what you can accomplish here. The plastic seemed slightly soft though and he had some trouble holding more exciting poses.

Marvel Legends The Human Torch figure review - playing with Franklin

Human Torch has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends The Human Torch figure review - with Thing fighting Namor

Accessories:  Johnny comes with a decent amount of accessories and all the reasonable ones I could envision. He borrows the fireballs from Sunfire, which fit snugly over his fists.

There’s an extra set of hands so you can have Johnny punch someone out. Additionally, he has a ‘flame backpack,’ which affixes to his back to provide a greater sense of a flaming man. This easily comes off if you’re planning to customize him into a classic style Torch.

Worth it?  Walgreens had a great sale where their Marvel Legends were $17. That’s a very good price for Torch and an excellent price for a new Legend.

Marvel Legends The Human Torch figure review - with Invisible Woman

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

There’s a lot of minor alterations I’d like here from the body choice, size and head paint. None really diminish Torch’s flame, but I wouldn’t be upset if Hasbro did a classic version later.

Marvel Legends The Human Torch figure review - The Fantastic Four

Where to get it?  Walgreens is the place to go or you can pay a little more than retail and grab him on