Sylvester Stallone back to direct Creed 2

I’m not exactly sure how to take the news of Sylvester Stallone directing Creed 2. Stallone knows and understands the Rocky franchise better than anyone, but I really enjoyed Ryan Coogler’s take on Apollo Creed’s son.

Coogler injected a fresh attitude and authenticity to Creed’s journey. Coogler also gave Creed a unique feel that set it apart from the Rocky films while still being connected. That was a major key to Creed’s success.  But now that he’s working with Marvel Studios on Black Panther and the likelihood of a sequel sounds inevitable.

It seems like Coogler would get sequel responsibilities if he wanted it. Marvel Studios has shown with Joss Whedon, The Russo Brothers and James Gunn that if a filmmaker is tapped into the Marvel formula, they’re set for at least a sequel.


If Coogler couldn’t commit to Creed 2 due to his schedule that’s perfectly understandable. And it’s not like Stallone is some terrible ‘backup’ option. It’s kinda weird though since Stallone’s last Rocky film, Rocky Balboa, was low-key great and a fitting end to the series. I’m hoping Stallone understands what made Creed connect with a new generation. This doesn’t need to become Rocky 7. Although I am very much looking forward to a possible Creed/Ivan Drago confrontation.

What do you think? Disappointed that Coogler isn’t returning for the Creed sequel? Excited about Stallone returning to the director’s chair? Lemme know in the comments section.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures