DC Comics reviews for the week of 10/11/17

Action Comics #989

Action Comics #989 cover

Jor-El is at an impasse at giving Superman a logical argument as to why he should leave Earth so he does the next best thing. Going for Superman’s heart.

The Oz Effect has been a strong storyline so far and writer Dan Jurgens is keeping the big event factor rolling in the third chapter.

Jor-El is proving pretty interesting so far. He’s always acted in Superman and family’s best interest, but he’s also done enough to justify classifying him as a villain. With his plans intensifying, Superman goes to quiet some of the storm, but not even Superman can be everywhere and it’s up to Lois Lane to keep the Daily Planet safe. Jurgens has done better than most Superman writers in not short-changing Lois and giving her plenty of good scenes.

In a small, but nice moment, Jurgens even gives Steve Lombard a decent moment. Typically, he’s the Superman meathead so it was good to see him make an honorable gesture for once.

Action Comics #989 interior art

Viktor Bogdanovic has his best artistic output this issue. It’s possible he needed some adjustment to refine his style more fitting Superman after working on New Super-Man, which allowed for a bit more comedic character portrayals. This is definitely Bogdnovic’s best take on Superman yet and he sets up some dynamic camera angles. There’s too many empty backgrounds, but overall the layouts were improved.

The mind games are pretty strong in this issue although I’m a little leery Jurgens is repeating a plot thread from the other Superman title. Hopefully he has some different paths in mind to keep this story as fresh and unique as it’s been so far.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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