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Dark Nights Metal #3

Dark Night Metal #3 cover

The first two installments of Metal were all about creating and establishing this nightmare world. In the third chapter, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo show the heroes preparing to strike back.

Superman confronts the many perverted versions of Batman before reuniting with the Justice League and their surviving allies. It’s great seeing underutilized characters like Mr. Terrific, Steel and Dr. Fate play pivotal roles in this issue.

Metal is all about the fun, which holds true even with the editor’s note including one great line about Nightwing. My favorite aspect of Snyder’s writing is he has a childlike imagination with the talent to make these outlandish scenarios work. I can’t imagine too many writers who could take these concepts and not being overwhelmed. Snyder makes it look easy.

Since he’s largely operated in the Batman sandbox, Snyder hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to write the Justice League. Metal is playing out a lot like a Grant Morrison JLA epic where multiple characters get to shine.


Not that there was any reason to doubt, but Snyder has Superman and company down. Superman won’t give up on his friend; Barry gets bogged down over thinking things; Hal Jordan is impulsive and Wonder Woman is the contemplative warrior. Initially Metal seemed like just another cool Batman story, but it’s shaping up to be a classic Justice League tale complete with the team splitting off to track down four objects that could turn the tide against Barbatos.

Snyder also connects the events from the multi-book storyline Gotham Resistance, which reinforced its importance to the main story. When Metal gets collected into trade format, hopefully Gotham Resistance is included.

Warner Bros. Animation has definitely shifted more towards adapting comic book events to animated movies. We’re only midway through Metal and it already seems like it has the makings of an incredible movie that could only be done properly in cartoon format.

Dark Night Metal #3 interior art

Capullo’s art is the closest thing to animation here with his artwork stuffed with movement, emotion and chaos. There’s no shortcuts with the backgrounds and so much to take in, it’ll take a few readings to fully appreciate. If this isn’t the best work of his career it’s at least as good.

As his been the case with every issue so far there’s this sense of disappointment in the last few pages. Not with the story, but the sense that it’s going to be another extremely long 60 days before the next jolt of Metal-infused excitement. Especially with this latest gut-wrenching cliffhanger. There’s not a trace of rust on this series as Metal continues to shine brightly.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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