DC Comics reviews for the week of 10/11/17

Detective Comics #966

We all knew it was just a matter of time before Red Robin returned. The only question was how would that play out and would it be worth the wait. The second chapter of Lonely Place of Living is already setting up to be one of the most important and exciting arcs in this run of Detective Comics.

Red Robin is having a heart-to-heart with himself…literally. Staring at his future self, who’s now become a remorseless Batman, Tim Drake is horrified to see his future. The future Tim explains how everything went bad for the Bat family following Batman’s death. How the likely successors all tried, but ultimately failed to match up to Bruce Wayne’s legacy. But he doesn’t have much time to make sense of it all as fellow prisoner Doomsday is also on the loose.

Just when it seems writer James Tynion IV has introduced all the crazy twists, he adds in two big ones to further drive the story. One that will prove very appealing to fans of the pre-New 52 DCU and another that ties this storyline back to the present-day Detective Comics events.

Detective Comics #966 interior art

Eddy Barrows’ art continues to be outstanding. He’s always drawn a terrific Red Robin and he does little subtle tricks of body language and facial expressions to reinforce this isn’t Bruce Wayne under the Batman cowl.  Barrows’ take on Doomsday is appropriately monstrous. I really hope Barrows is back in the regular artist rotation for this book as he delivers Batman action better than anyone else on this title. The inkwork by Eber Ferreira and colors from Adriano Lucas provided a brilliant finishing touches.

I’ve been anxious to see Red Robin return to the main universe. This storyline has delivered big time with an unpredictable turn of events and terrific artwork. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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