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Hal Jordan and
the Green Lantern Corps #30

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #30 cover

It’s always nice to see Hal Jordan return to his former planetary stomping grounds and kick back with an old friend. I appreciate how Robert Venditti balances paying service to the Green Lantern Corps while still making Hal the main character.

Thankfully, there wasn’t an extended delay in paying off the storyline from Action Comics where Superman tangled with Parallax and Sinestro. This led to an organic reason to reunite Superman and Hal Jordan. And with the threat so serious, it explained why Hal didn’t reach out to Earthbound Lanterns Baz and Cruz.

Venditti manages a fun and reasonable twist on the cliché of heroes battling each other. The cover isn’t a bait and switch and actually plays out in the issue, although not in the expected manner. Venditti’s take on Superman is fun too as he writes him wholesome without being corny. I’d love to see Venditti pair Hal up with more of his Justice League pals in future issues. In a lot of ways this issue felt like a Silver Age throwback, which is rarely a bad thing.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #30 interior art

Patrick Zircher’s art helped with that classic presentation. Zircher’s style is so clean and he’s confident in his work to the point he doesn’t double down on flash. There’s more than enough substance to go around. Zircher’s panels with Superman and Hal are more than enough to sell me on him being a fill-in or new rotating artist on Justice League. Jason Wright’s color work took Zircher’s art to visual heights rarely accomplished on Action Comics.

The big payoff for this issue re-introduces another Silver Age throwback. I’m excited about the prospect of Hal tangling with this opponent again especially since this is a different power set from other adversaries. With such a huge cast, it’s fun to see Hal get the solo spotlight every so often and this adventure looks like it will pack a ton of classic goodness.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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