DC Comics reviews for the week of 10/11/17

Suicide Squad #27

Suicide Squad #27 cover

Suicide Squad has struggled in recent issues, but the kickoff to a new arc suggests a turnaround for the better.
Amanda Waller avoids another assassination attempt. That’s nothing new, but who ordered the hit is and it takes half the team to space. The other half uncovers a secret diary containing The Secret History of Task Force X authored by a character familiar to DC spy fans.

Whether addressing reader complaint or simply making a more sensible change, writer Rob Williams removed Harley Quinn from her leadership role. That’s a very encouraging step as Williams is no longer handcuffed making Harley the leader and comic relief. The new leader makes the most sense, but I still wouldn’t be opposed to some way to bring Rick Flagg back.

Suicide Squad #27 interior art

Barnaby Bagenda’s art isn’t mind-blowing, but provides a consistency that’s been missing with previous artists. The real tests will be next issue, when the story takes a more action-heavy approach.

It’s been a rough ride lately for Suicide Squad readers, but this arc looks to be a welcome return to form with the character dynamics back in line with expectations and another off the wall mission.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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