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Wonder Woman #32

Wonder Woman #32 cover

After a slow start Wonder Woman #32 gets going on the kind of adventure uniquely suited for Wonder Woman.

James Robinson wrapped issue 31 on a high note so it was surprising he basically repeated the premise here. Diana, Steve Trevor and a group seemingly loosed on the film’s ensemble battle a group of parademons before Diana resumes her odyssey in uncovering Hercules’ secrets.

The first half of the issue is a struggle since it’s just another pointless battle with little purpose beyond some cute exchanges with Diana and Trevor. Things get much more interesting once Diana ditches him and arrives at Hercules’ cabin, which contains a major secret Diana thought was a lie.

Sergio Davila provided the art this issue. Layout and panel composition was strong, but the facial work was occasionally rough. Davila’s Wonder Woman looked off in profile shots with a wide jawline and harsh features. Not that she needs to look like a model, but Davila will need to soften her features in subsequent issues. His action scenes were much stronger with a great amount of detail in the parademon fight.

Wonder Woman #32 interior art

It took the issue to reach the halfway point to become really interesting and once he arrived there Robinson had some fun new wrinkles to add. I wish he’d just started the issue from the midway point instead of pacing it to feel like he was stalling to drag the story out.

The issue ends on a solid cliffhanger, which given the opening pages of this arc, won’t lead to a positive conclusion. This is a great half on an issue even with the slowed momentum.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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