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Rat Queens Vol. 4

Rat queens

The Rat Queens have returned! The powerful, mischievous Hannah, Violet, Dee, and Betty are back with a new Queen, Braga. Their home is still under the influence of a strange cult but that won’t stop these ladies from having a good time and killing creatures. This Volume collects issues 1 thru 5 of Rat Queens Vol. 2.

Rat Queens was one of the comics the really turned me onto Image Comics as a whole and I was eager as hell to read the newest volume because Volume 3 and issue #16 ended on a dark note. Hannah was trying to revive her parents, Dee was still questioning the validity of her upbringing, and other issues like Violet slicing her lover’s head off right before they have sex is where we were left hanging.

So I was hoping maybe Issue #16 would help bridge the gap, (back then I was more of a collected issues volume format reader), and only left me with more questions. Eventually I learned of the Rat Queens hiatus that took place after Issue #16 and this new volume is essentially a reboot, but still seems to run very close to the timeline of the previous universe.

Hannah’s father is somehow alive after being known as dead. Dee’s ex-husband still desires to speak of her departure from their home and religion. Violet’s brother Barrie becomes a series regular however this new artist decided she no longer needed her beard, (WTF?!!!). Their personalities are still the same and their adventures seem to be their typical, bloody, and hilarious nonsense like the previous timeline but this sudden lapse in storytelling makes no sense.

Unless there’s some stand alone issues out that I haven’t read yet, this new Rat Queens is making no sense at all. A reboot takes your characters you already love, reintroduces them to you all over again, explains their new setting, and runs sensibly in their new environment; This was obviously missing key components. If you can forget Hannah’s betrayal and her parents being dead, forget Orc Dave being dead (or should be), and still are a fan of the series because of their personalities, you’ll have a good read.

Rating: 5 out of 10 (Why get rid of Violet’s beard? And the reasons behind the hiatus are honestly terrible.)

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