Image Comics reviews for 10-11-17

Redlands #3

redlands #3

Issue #2 left the audience with revelations that the witches aren’t as good as they seem. They lure a girl into the woods, bathe, and have sex in her blood as part of a ritual. The issue ends with a body tied to a boat and a voicemail left for the with Bridget. Issue#3 revolves around what the townsfolk call “Feast Day” and introduces a new character named Laurent who has a connection to the Coven and may have some secrets of his own.

So… I already said that witches are my favorite in my review of the Black Magick series and this series is no exception. When I first heard of a new horror series with witches months ago, I sat around waiting for the release date. I did not expect the main witches to be black women of various sizes. Literally none of the issues are disappointing and this issue adds more sex, violence, and gore into the mix.

Perfect series for fans of horror and witches. Especially fans of the darker elements of American Horror Story: Coven. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

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