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The Wicked and The Divine #32

the wicked and the divine

Issue #31 ended on a sour, bloody note; Amaterasu is dead. Her throat was clawed out by the angry goddess Sakhmet and her rage is far from quiet. Elsewhere, Dionysus and Cassandra was knocked unconscious as the infamous Woden betrays them and takes control over the crowd in an effort to kill them. Issue #32 starts right where the previous issue left off with Sakhmet returning to Persephone’s home and confesses to have murdered Amaterasu. Meanwhile Dionysus and Cassandra try to take on Woden.

For a few issues, I was thinking that perhaps the Gods killing other Gods was over. I was wrong and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Looking back, perhaps some of this was obvious, (Sakhmet was pissed enough to eat her father after all), but damn. I’m still stuck on how Amaterasu went down in #31. I got attached to her, (and another recently dead God), being a series regular. I’m still very impressed with the series at every issue with keeping the audience never guessing what will happen next.

This issue is definitely setting the stage for the series to end and I’m honestly not even close to ready to say goodbye yet. This series is a great for fantasy fans and has such a diverse, well written cast that I’m just hoping they find a way to extend the inevitable. Just give me more time to process that we’re nearing the end. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

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