New Mutants trailer drops teen heroes into nightmare asylum

FOX just dropped the first New Mutants trailer. For some reason, I’d managed to sucker myself into getting excited about this one. 

After all, it wasn’t some weird most popular members hybrid roster. The film is featuring the classic lineup: Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Magik, Sunspot and Danielle Moonstar. And best of all? No Magneto or Mystique in sight!

But after watching the trailer, I’m considerably less excited. Essentially, the film looks to be a teen pscyhological thriller that just so happens to feature characters who occasionally have power flare-ups. Granted, this is something very different from the typical superhero movie, but I’m not sold that the New Mutants are the best characters to go so far beyond the norm.


Director/Co-writer Josh Boone is definitely taking a chance here in making a superhero horror/thriller. Just from the trailer, I’d really be interested in his spin on Ghost Rider or Blade. But as usual, the FOX X-Men license just doesn’t seem to deliver on what I want in my comic book movies. I’ll give it a shot of course, but this New Mutants trailer does not inspire a lot of confidence.

What do you think? Are you excited about this new take on the New Mutants? Is this exactly what FOX needs to get audiences buzzing again or are you missing the yellow and black outfits like me?

New Mutants arrives in theaters April 13, 2018

Photo Credit: FOX