Arrow Fallout review S6 Ep 1

For Smallville viewers, Arrow’s season premiere marks the 16th season of DC shows on CW. Coming off of Arrow’s strongest episode yet, Fallout had a tough challenge in setting the stage for this year. And the repercussions from the explosive season finale. Fallout featured some potentially strong subplots as well as some concerning developments. It’ll be interesting to see which side wins out as the season progresses.

Fast forwarding to five months after Lian Yu was a savvy move that immediately got squandered with the melodramatic slow reveal of who survived. Any betting viewer would put everything on Samantha being the only fatality. If a key storyline this year is Oliver becoming a father, his baby mama had to go bye-bye.

Despite a tease that there were going to be more deaths, everyone else survived albeit some better than others. If death wasn’t an option for any one else, a coma is the next best thing. Thea is a weird choice though since she’s been in and out of the show since the midpoint of last season. Losing her doesn’t really change any Team Arrow dynamic. And John’s PTSD/shoulder injury is decent, but he’s at the vigilante retirement age anyway.

Arrow Fallout review - Black Siren vs Black Canary

Just so Prometheus cold give Oliver one last gut punch, how much more meaningful would it have been for Felicity to be in a coma? And then when she wakes up, Oliver could be like ‘hey, while you’ve been sleeping, I’m raising my son!’ Awwwkward. Some more physical ailments could have been fun too like Dinah losing her voice for a while and Curtis losing his memory. With a summer to come up with all kinds of worst case scenarios for the team, the fallout was underwhelming.


Black Siren’s return was much more satisfying. Katie Cassidy is a lot of fun as a villain and she’s bringing even more swagger to her performance. Quentin and Dinah’s big secret that he left Black Siren for dead was silly, but not nearly as annoying as Quentin deciding this was his Laurel all of a sudden. I liked where this story eventually went with Lance unable to shoot the woman who looks just like his daughter. As long as Black Siren is a player this season that could come up, but I’m gonna need Quentin to not consider her his Laurel.


One of the big questions already is who is bankrolling Black Siren? The same person who rescued her on Lian Yu? Hopefully some flashbacks explain their connection before Black Siren aligned with Prometheus. Here’s hoping the season’s big bad can deliver. Maybe not at a Slade, Prometheus, Merlyn level, but better than a Ra’s al Ghul.

The writers wasted little time with Olicity Take 3. I miss Susan if for no other reason than the freshness of that relationship. I’m not at all interested in moments with Felicity and Oliver playing house. If the end goal was Oliver and Felicity being together the worst thing that ever happened was pairing them up in Season 3.

Arrow Fallout review - Oliver and William

I’m just about convinced Stephen Amell is going to do whatever it takes to make these Oliver and Williams scenes work. I don’t like the idea of introducing yet another child in the Team Arrow mix. Is Oliver just going to repeat Diggle’s lines when Sarah/John Jr. was born? But Amell just might manage to pull it off.

Time for some random thoughts:

  • Wild Dog was largely absent this episode and no one missed him. I blame the terrible new costume.
  • Is it just me or is there all kinds of sexual tension with Dinah and John?
  • It’s nice that Slade and Oliver are buddies now, but I liked it better when they were enemies
  • Quentin’s head is going to explode when he learns of Earth X.
  • Revealing Oliver’s secret identity seems like the last thing on Prometheus’ to-do list before taking everyone to Lian Yu. Who’s behind it now?

Fallout had some interesting moments and some great scene-chewing moments from Cassidy, but it didn’t make the most of last season’s finale.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW