Inhumans: Make Way for Medusa review S1 Ep. 4

Inhumans might be the most inconsistent comic book TV of this modern era. Its inconsistency is now so widespread it affects different characters and subplots from episode to episode. Make Way for Medusa succeeded in paving the way for more frustration with some occasional glimpses of competency.

Black Bolt is confused when Dr. Declan wants him to put on a headset. This makes no sense as Crystal is always running around Attilan with a set of Beats 9.0 headphones. With his new fellow Inhuman ally’s help, Black Bolt starts sizing Declan up. Why is everyone acting like the Avengers, Spider-Man and Quake don’t exist? Every human seems astonished at the thought of super-powered individuals walking among them.


In a twist that would be more meaningful if apparently he didn’t have everyone on Earth on speed dial, Maximus is working with Declan. The good doc doesn’t know Maximus’ true identity or motive though.

But this brings up a major sticking point with this season’s overall plot. Did no one pay any attention to Maximus’ frequent travels to Earth or him running up the Royal Family long distance bill by constantly calling Earth? The eight episode format asks the audience to go along with a lot of everyone’s stupidity concerning Maximus.

We finally learn Maximus’ end game. He wants the council’s permission to get a redo on his Terragenesis. Among the many problems here, Maximus has overthrown his brother, the king, and now wants to know if it’s OK to break the laws? Terragenesis is a odd prize for Maximus since he’s already king. Would becoming a lizard or losing the ability to speak help or hurt his chances to retain the throne?

Inhumans Make Way for Medusa review - Maximus

This would be like finding a billion dollar lotto ticket and waiting to learn if you’re getting a promotion at work before cashing it in. Once again the writers ask the audience to care about the plight of other undeveloped characters. Who cares if Maximus kills or beats up the Genetic Council?

Despite escaping Maximus, Crystal was still grounded after regular bro Dave hit Lockjaw. Now everyone’s favorite character is stuck in a barn nursing his wounds. Good thing Dave’s ex is an aspiring vet, who promptly sizes up that Lockjaw just needs rest. Crystal questioning why Lockjaw wasn’t immediately better was funny since the vet literally was of no help at all.

Karnak is gardening with the potheads. I turned away for a second and suddenly Make Way for Medusa turned into a cheesy 90s romance drama complete with awful pop song accompaniment.


Granted, Jen (Jamie Gray Hyder) showing off her bikini body explains Karnak’s awkwardness, but why was Evil Nathan Drake so annoyed? Also, Jen’s immediate attraction to Karnak is the least believable thing that’s occurred on the show yet. There’s a lot of competition here, but of all the dumb things going on in Inhumans, Karnak’s subplot is easily the worst.

Gorgon and the Soldier Surfers makes for an awesome band name, but I’m still baffled over their instant devotion to helping him fight super-powered aliens. Why do they care so much? At least there was a semblance of character growth with Gorgon here as he explained his challenging life as a klutz and learning the value of human life. His subplot has also been silly, but at least there’s some potential with it going forward for him.


Probably the most surprising aspect of the episode was Medusa’s subplot worked. Serinda Swan has been facing a serious uphill battle in pulling off Medusa’s scenes, but pairing her with Felicity-Lite researcher Louise actually paid off. Louise had been an annoying character so far, but her silliness matched with Medusa’s ultra seriousness made for a fun dynamic. This also saves Medusa from being the butt of the jokes, which ruined her last episode.

I was very glad Black Bolt and Medusa reunited tonight. There’s not enough episodes to keep everyone apart and we’re already at the halfway point. Anson Mount always has to work overtime to convey Black Bolt’s emotions and he did a great job showing Black Bolt’s concern and anger over seeing Medusa’s haircut. Still, it was silly for Black Bolt and Medusa to leave without incapacitating Mordis and assuming Auran isn’t going to keep gunning for them.

Make Way for Medusa provided some better moments than usual for Inhumans, but Karnak’s subplot is embarrassing TV.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC