The Gifted: rX review S1, Ep2

The prescription for The Gifted’s second episode, rX, is more suspense, tension and doubling up on the emotion.

Reed Strucker has been captured by the Sentinel Services and they mean business. Meanwhile, Blink has reached her limit and is suffering from the negative side effects of over using her powers beyond her limitations. As the group of mutants and Strucker family verbally battle with one another on what course of action to take to rescue Polaris and Reed they are noticing Blink’s powers are becoming uncontrollable.

The Gifted rX review - Stephen Moyer and Coby Bell

With the premiere episode having to set up a lot of the characters, rX gets to ramp up the action and threats.

Blink accidentally opens a portal to a road causing part of a pick-up truck to enter it and almost killing another member of their now unified group. When her powers continue to misbehave, Lauren tries to act as the counter measure, using her force field powers to close the worm holes so their group aren’t forced to fight innocent civilians who try to enter the portal.

The Gifted rX review - Dinarte DeFreitas

Caitlin insists Blink receive medical attention. Her concern is not completely altruistic as Blink is the best way to get to the others. Eclipse and Caitlin barely escape capture themselves in a desperate mission to get medical supplies for Blink.


Polaris is focused on escaping, but her power restricting collar is problematic. She’s also got to deal with the knowledge she’s pregnant with Eclipse’s child. Polaris tries to find other mutants to partner with, but none have the will to escape because they are physically tormented by the inmates who hate mutants. This leads her to be targeted and confronted by a hostile inmate who notices she is knocked up and beats her anyway.

With Polaris back against the wall, she fights back the mutant power suppressing collar and manages to throw a metal table at the lead hostile inmate pinning her against the fence. Whether Polaris’ baby is still in good health or if she had a miscarriage is still to be determined.

The Gifted rX review - Polaris

Reed is in a detainment center guarded by a sentinel, but he’s sympathetic to his interrogator after learning his daughter was killed in a mutant explosion. Having the verbal upper hand, Reed strikes a deal with the Sentinel agent to leave his family alone in return for handing over the mutant underground to Sentinel. It’s interesting because I don’t trust either of them to keep their word.

rX was way more intense than the first. It’s absolutely phenomenal seeing how the characters are starting to get increasingly more desperate to find some workable solution. Mentally and physically they’re going to have to start making some major, potentially compromising solutions. — Jean-Luque Zephir

Rating: 8 out 10

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