Big Mouth review

Big Mouth is the Netflix hot binge property of the moment. Pierre Brown breaks down his thoughts on the 10 episode series. Take it away man!

You’ve probably heard of Big Mouth at some point because it’s hard not to hear about. There’s ads at every turn and people just keep talking about it. I’ve seen it and it was a show that made me laugh, shocked me and made me cringe.

At the surface of it, this is an animated comedy following young teens as they enter puberty. Each gender gets a visit from the hormone monster/monstress to help navigate them through romance and sexuality. At the deep core of it, this is really a show about sh@! you probably weren’t fully taught as teens, perhaps a flashback to how we grew up going through hormonal changes, feminism in sexuality, combating the toxic masculine stereotypes, but also hinting at abuse. Is Big Mouth worth watching? What exactly could you be getting into?


The Good

Hormone Monstress: First appearing in Episode 2, she commands attention and is always hilarious. Voiced by the incredibly talented Maya Rudolph with lines like ‘This boy’s a tall lumpy, dumpy drink of water and we are thirsty,’ this personification of the hormones of women manages to teach Jessi about her body without being extremely creepy like her male opposite. She’s loud, she’s beautiful, she sings, she’s hilarious, and is the number one reason I’d recommend watching it.

big mouth

Teen Dating vs Adult Marriages: From the first episode on, marriages are either shown as extremely solid or extremely rocky. No marriage in this show is perfect, but the marriage between Nick’s parents is hilarious. ‘Your father’s penis is my glass slipper’ is probably my favorite line said by Nick’s mother and their lines get progressively ridiculous as time goes on. Jessi’s parents are very clearly headed towards divorce, which is rarely seen in animated sitcoms. Teen dating appears awkward in this series and it should be. Did we really know what the hell we were doing trying to date then? Do we really know what we are doing as adults?

The Bad

Hormone Monster: He’s hilarious at times, but a complete creep the rest of the time. He’s slightly helpful to Nick and Andrew, but can occasionally cross the line with kids. If these were adults he was helping, there wouldn’t be much of an issue.

Handling of Gay character Matthew: Although the series is very largely accepting of sexual fluidity and even closeted sexuality later on, gay character Matthew is literally like every other white gay male in almost every sitcom. He’s sometimes funny, but primarily rude like in the sitcom The Real O’Neals. I guess I’m growing tired of the stereotypical gay person in television and craving variety. I’ll give credit for even having a gay teen to begin with and addressing sexual fluidity throughout the series.

big mouth 3

The Talking Vagina Scene: Although informative on a level that most girls would not know and possibly even some women don’t know, the vagina in question is attached to a teen girl. It’s animated and a bit funny, but showing the vagina of a teen is just…incredibly creepy.

The Ugly

Final Episode: Just…I don’t know how to accurately describe how messed up it is for a teen to literally emerge into a kingdom where adults have sex and attempt to have sex with them. Just no.

Lives of Characters Jay and Lola: Jay’s life is a mess and he’s sometimes hilarious but his parents are a divorce attorney and his mother is fully aware of the abuse he endures by his older brothers. The cracker scene is…interesting.  As Jessi’s separate slumber party gets crazy, Lola’s issues with her mother should have been taken a bit more serious, but instead get swept under the rug.


I left out quite a bit of things to not spoil the entire viewing experience because other than the things I listed as bad or ugly, the show can be a good time.

This is obviously not a show for everyone. If you’re a fan of Family Guy, Archer, and American Dad, you’ll like it. If you’re into Bob’s Burgers and not into anything close to Family Guy or let alone the humor of Archer, you probably should sit this one out.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix