The Gifted eXodus review S1, E3

eXodus contains some of the greatest elements that we can expect from X-Men, which is a mutant beginning to believe that he or she has control of her powers and not the other way around.

We were left in suspense on what Reed’s decision would be at the end of last episode. Would he give up the mutant underground for his families’ protection or refuse and risk the consequences hurting everyone he cares about. Thankfully, we get his answer in the most meaningful of ways.

eXodus is dialogue heavy and does a lot of set up episodes that for future episodes so don’t expect too much action.

The Gifted - eXodus review - Jamie Chung and Blair Redford

Blink was without a doubt this episodes MVP. We should honestly start keeping count on how many times her gifts are going to save the day because it is no different here. The episodes biggest development is the mutant underground and Sentinel Services mobilizing against each other.


Unfortunately for our heroes, Sentinel Services make the first move bugging Reed to lead them to the underground while they are still debating what they should do to rescue Polaris and Reed.

The Gifted - eXodus review - Coby Bell and Stephen Moyer

While Blink may be the star mutant, the romantic background between Polaris and Eclipse was a strong moment too. There’s some hints at Blinks romantic interest that could play an important role in future episodes.

Not much action in this episode, especially since the mutants are still on the run and Sentinel Services is still chasing them. That being said, one important thing I should mention is that Sentinel is getting really tired of chasing and is beginning to set bread crumbs on the trail so that the mutants can follow them into a trap.

The Gifted - eXodus review - Amy Acker, Blair Redford and Sean Teale

What a relief that is to hear because I’ve been waiting for the mutants to take the fight to sentinel. Luckily, I can foreshadow that we’ll be getting that soon.

eXodus was pretty enjoyable to me, but the slow plot movement might make some viewers more anxious for the next episode even though there is plenty here to have some good mutant fun.  — by Jean-Luque Zephir

Rating: 7.5/10

Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/FOX

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