Latest WWE figure leak reveals new Entrance Great lineup

Thanks to the crack investigation of mastersleuth Chicago, we now know the latest upcoming WWE Entrance Greats lineup. And it is glorious.

Mattel officially announced Kurt Angle would kickoff the line. Now we know who’ll be joining him.

WWE Entrance Great Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is slated next up. His attire is a mystery. This seems like an ideal way to release Jeff from his face painted solo WWE Champion run. Of course Mattel could use this as the opportunity to finally release the early Elite figure originally planned before Hardy left for TNA.

WWE Entrance Great Asuka

Asuka is slated next. I’m curious and hoping this is her full ring garb complete with robe and chain mask. It’d be a nice way to get the full deluxe Asuka presentation.

And finally the last uncovered figure is Bobby Roode. This feels like Mattel’s Deluxe Aggression of Shinsuke Nakamura. His accessories would have fit in a regular Elite package, but Mattel went for a more expensive release method. Of course Roode’s theme song is probably one of the few that would be worth the EG setup.

Here’s the official write up:

When you make a WWE entrance, make it grand! these highly collectible WWE entrance greats elite collection figures are inspired by iconic WWE Superstar ‘entrances’ as they walk down into the ring before the match. Each figure has deluxe articulation, a detailed character expression, authentic ring attire and iconic accessories. Highly collectible, each elite figure also comes with an WWE entrance ‘ramp’ piece modeled after the real ramp WWE Superstars walk down. 

Collectors can use the ramp to pose and display figures and recreate WWE Superstars epic entrances. Press a button on the ramp and 30 seconds of the respective Superstars’ entrance music plays representing some of WWE greatest Superstar moments ever! premium packaging and try Me’ feature. Each figure sold separately, subject to availability.

Retail price for these is $30. That’s $10 more for basically the sound chip ramp. Considering my phone can just as easily play theme songs I don’t know how long this line will last.

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