The Flash: Luck Be a Lady review S4 E3

With the debut of a fresh new Rogue was Luck Be a Lady a winner? Like previous episodes there was a mix of good and bad so let’s break it down now.

This week, Team Flash has to deal with a different kind of Rogue. One who’s always been a loser and just wants to win at life for a bit. Just how big a loser is Becky? She’s still using MySpace. On the plus side she’s really got good hair.

Becky’s the kind of Rogue who’s likable and Sugar Lyn Beard made her a lot of fun since she wasn’t necessarily evil. Her powers just make things miserable for everyone around her.

Naturally that freaked out an already superstitious Iris who acted liked a sitcom character tonight. There were few traces of the methodical and commanding new head of Team Flash. She was replaced by a woman so freaked out about her wedding being ruined she pulled a Wedding Crashers play and crashed a funeral to get the priest to marry them. This was probably the silliest segment of the entire season so far.

the-flash-luck-be-a-lady-review barry and iris

On a lower scale of silly, Joe’s house suddenly becomes a Money Pit with all kinds of problems prompting Cecile to suggest they get a new place. She’s already trying to change everything in Joe’s life.

Learning from last season, the writers don’t drag out how this new wave of villains were created. Give yourself a gold star if you guessed that somehow it was Barry’s fault. Well not entirely, Cisco caused the mess from using the NERF ball to rescue Barry from the Speed Force. A fact Harry was all too happy to point out.


Harry sadly didn’t make his return from Earth-2 for good news. He’d brought over an Atlantean break-up cube. Does that mean Jesse is hanging out with Aqualad? Or maybe she just doesn’t like Wally’s hair either. Jesse also decides she doesn’t have much use for Harry being a father and runs off on him too. Which writers did Violett Beane annoy for them to completely trash her character in one segment? Her recurring role in The Resident shouldn’t have led to her getting such a massive heel turn. Regardless, with Tom Cavanagh back now everything is fully back in place.


Unlike the previous thought, it wasn’t The Thinker who created these metas … not entirely. He still managed to manipulate events to have these 12 people on a bus. But for what purpose?

As for Becky AKA Hazard, according to the Chronicles of Cisco, she proved very tricky for The Flash to handle thanks to her good luck field. The more Hazard tapped into her good luck, the more problems it created in Central City. This caused some slapstick humor like Flash getting caught in the trap set for her and a nod to Sully, which was kind of funny. Fortunately, Harry got some luck of his own and determined the particle accelerator would cancel out her powers. That was a bit too tidy, but OK.

Ironically, my favorite part of the episode was Wally telling everyone he’d left and no one noticed. It’s true. I’ve become so used to him being the 18th wheel I wasn’t wondering how Kid Flash could save the day. He needs to do some soul searching and find himself. That’s just as well since the writers made him amazingly incompetent. I still think he’d make a great addition to the Legends cast especially since no one would miss him right now.

Random note: Barry and Cisco suck at laser tag. Caitlin should see what Barney’s doing. They’d be unstoppable.

the-flash-luck-be-a-lady-review the thinker

Harry is on a roll and deduces someone set up that seemingly random chain of events that led to Flash empowering the new metas. This should make for a good mystery with Team Flash at least knowing someone is plotting against them. And he’s not a speedster.

Joe got some news of his own with the reveal that Cecile is pregnant. Joe still had some swimmers left apparently. I feel like a baby is more of a Season 5 or Season 6 kind of move. But Joe deserves every iota of happiness so that should be OK.

Next week looks like it should continue the fun with the debut of the show’s version of Elongated Man.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW