Check out the Black Panther Marvel Legends line and Build-A-Figure

There’s been a ton of speculation on the final reveals of the Marvel Legends Black Panther line. At the MCM London Comic Con today, Hasbro revealed the full wave. And I’m curious what the reaction will be for this movie/comic mix.

Unlike some other movie tie-in lines, Hasbro is getting most of the principal characters from Black Panther. That’s a smart effort. The big surprise is going the regular size Build-A-Figure. Okoye looks she’s going to be an important character in the film so it’s nice to get a figure, but it seems like a missed opportunity to get Man-Ape figure.

BLP Legends 6 Inch - Okoye

This is an interesting mix of comic and movie. I know Black Panther doesn’t have a slew of natural comic book villains, but it would have been nice to get at least one.


I think I’m probably going to go more of the Hot Toys route for any cool Black Panther characters. But these look to continue Hasbro’s great 6-inch scale movie based figures.

Photo Credit: Hasbro

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