Inhumans: The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon review S1E6

The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon was another example of how misguided the Inhumans’ writers were with their entire approach. Pacing has been a major problem and this episode played out more like the 16th episode of a 22 episode season. This has felt like watching a heavily edited cut of a full-length season with none of the beneficial character development to make it matter.

After weeks of building up to the Inhumans’ reunion, the royal family immediately splits up again. Black Bolt and Medusa take Louise to find Crystal and Lockjaw while Karnak and Gorgon go to rescue Sammy and Declan from Auran and Mordis.

It didn’t take much for Black Bolt and company to find Crystal after she did a lightning flare. Seems like the kind of emergency code the family should already have had in place.


‘Oddly’, sorta helpful vet Audrey is annoyed at Crystal ignoring her advice on Lockjaw’s health and then spirals into jealous ex-girlfriend mode. Audrey was just introduced as a character to help Lockjaw and her abrupt heel turn was silly. Even worse, the writers thought it’d be funny to have Lockjaw teleport everyone out to make her look stupid. This moment wasn’t earned at all. Audrey was a random character, not someone truly worthy of some great comeuppance. It’s weird how I was far more intrigued at the notion of Dave and Louise becoming an item.

But in another indictment of the Royal Family, they once again treat people who help them like disposable servants leaving Dave and Louise to clean up their mess. I get that they’re not heroes, but it’d be nice to make them likable.

Maximus’ storyline still feels way too disconnected from the main story. He’s the antagonist that largely sits in the throne and occasionally sends new obstacles against Black Bolt and company. Last week he was focused on getting powers. This time it’s dealing with a mini-rebellion led by his pal Tibur. To make an example of him, Maximus slits Tibur’s throat while the rest of the resistance gets imprisoned. The bigger question was why Bronaja lied to Maximus about Tibur’s betrayal? He could see the future, why wouldn’t he anticipate this outcome?

Inhumans The Gentleman Is Named Gorgon - Dave and Crystal

Easily the episode’s highlight was Karnak and Gorgon’s confrontation with Mordis and Auran. This was the first time an Inhuman actually got to look cool as Karnak craftily took down Auran’s forces including Mordis. There was some good lighting in this predator stalking scene as well.

But the moment got wasted when Gorgon battled Auran to more corny music. Poor soundtrack choices has been a major problem for the show as they’re ill-timed and add a extra coating of cheese to already dubious fights. The Inhumans strategy for dealing with Mordis has been highly flawed. If the guy has to raise his mask to use his power wouldn’t tying up his arms be the immediate strategy?


Naturally, Mordis wakes up and threatens to kill everyone rather than be forced to spend the rest of his days in solitude. Maybe he was just using him, but Maximus at least let Mordis have a life. Who’s the bad guy in this series again?

Gorgon had a weird solution in countering Mordis by collapsing the building on top of them. Mordis died in the collapse…and so did Gorgon. But why should we care?

Imagine Agents of SHIELD killing off Fitz in the sixth episode. He’d barely been developed to the point his death mattered. AOS waited until the midway point of its second season to kill a character with any significance. By the nature of comic books, I can’t quite buy in to Gorgon’s death, but taken at face value, killing how now meant nothing. Gorgon was a barely fleshed out character whose sacrifice really didn’t mean a whole lot in the end.

There’s only two more episodes this season — and maybe for the series? I’m curious to see if there’s any way to make a second season seem like a good idea at this point.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC