Wendi Richter, Syxx, DX Michaels debut at Mattel Ringside Fest

For most of the year it seemed like Mattel weren’t as interested in Flashbacks. But the reveals at Ringside Fest 2017 definitely felt like Christmas for Flashback fans.

Ringside Fest 2017 - Yokozuna

Wal-Mart has an exclusive Flashback line including Syxx, Yokozuna, Mean Gene Okerlund and the highly requested Royal Rumble 91 Ultimate Warrior. Yokozuna is in black tights, but he’s not a character that really needed three figures.

Ringside Fest 2017 -Ultimate Warrior

Ringside Fest 2017 - Syxx
While the changes in articulation make most Basics not as enticing as before, the suited Million Dollar Man is a definite pickup. He’s a great compliment to the Toys R Us Network Virgil figure. Turncoat Sgt. Slaughter might be another useful Basic pickup for interview segments. There’s also a classic Hasbro tight designed Rick Rude, Cowboy Bob Orton and Howard Finkel. The Fink is a great addition and very useful for classic WWF displays.

WWE Shop has a terrific exclusive with Wendi Richter, Lita and Sasha Banks. I’m really excited for Richter as she’s part of the  Rock n Wrestling era. Lita also looks good as it’s based on her stint with Edge. Sasha Banks has her Eddie Guerrero inspired tights.

Ringside Fest 2017 - DX HBK

Another long desired figure is Shawn Michaels from Degeneration-X In Your House. That’s an attire that’s always been regarded by a lot of HBK fans as one of his best. The headsculpt doesn’t feature the braided ponytail and beard he had during this era however. This is a Ringside Collectibles exclusive

Ringside Fest 2017 - Eddie Guerrero

WCW fans also get to add a 95 era Eddie Guerrero from his initial run. Maybe the craziest reveal is a WCW Shark. The Dungeon of Doom was one of the goofiest factions of all time. But this is a pretty good figure.

Ringside Fest 2017 - The Shark

Bobby Heenan is getting a new figure as well with his trademark cloth black jacket. That’ll be a nice regular version for The Brain.

The final face of Foley — Dude Love — was also revealed. The tye-dye looks off but the expression is great.

Not that the reveals were all perfect. Another Ministry of Darkness Undertaker was puzzling and the Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry was confusing after that terrific Nation of Domination D-Lo Brown. I’m not quite sure another Rikishi was necessary either.

On the modern front, NXT Elite Series 3 features Ember Moon, Bobby Roode, Roman Reigns in his Leakee appearance and NXT version Rusev.

Photo Credit: Wwe.com
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