Yuki Yuna Is A Hero Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Episode 4 of Yuki Yuna is A Hero begins keeping up with its cute theme and this time the girls, (Gin, Sonoka, and Washi), are on a class trip. Relaxing and having a good time, they certainly did not expect to face 3 powerful Vertexes immediately after the festivities. 

If Episode 3 was the funniest episode of the season, this is perhaps the most tragic. The hints I felt were given as to who would be sent through the ringer first was true, but I did not think it would go this far. Season One had messed moments and plenty of tear jerkers but not once did a character die on screen. I also think this was the most bloody episode in the series history as of now as well.

Gin reminded me so much of Yuki Yuna in this episode. She taps into her true powers to defeat her opponents but this comes at the price of her death. Moments of her spending time with her siblings and friends make this moment all the more impactful as she stands lifeless in the alternate reality.

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This brutal death makes me kind of nervous to see what happens next. This show crossed into Puella Magi Madoka Magica territory which will certainly make old school fans of this entry into the magical girl genre upset. Although I’m nervous, I’m also extremely excited to see what happens from here on out. Looks like it can only get sadder from here though. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo: Anime News Network