DC Comics reviews for 11/1/17

Justice League #32

Justice League #32 cover

In one of his final issues as the artist for Wonder Woman, Liam Sharp got to draw a few pages featuring the Justice League. It was a tantalizing tease of the possibilities of one of DC Rebirth’s brightest stars drawing its premier superhero team. With Justice League #32, DC finally makes good on with the second chapter of Bats Out of Hell.

Writer Robert Venditti’s script doesn’t advance the overall Metal story much and there’s not a lot of meat to this issue. Basically, Cyborg observes his fellow Justice League members Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern start to tangle with their nightmare Batmen analogies. Thanks to the setup, there’s no conclusion to any of these fights and it plays out more like the appetizer to battles that will presumably be paid off closer to Metal’s conclusion.

Venditti gets a bit melodramatic with some of the dialogue, especially in Aquaman’s sequence, to the point the characters don’t sound like themselves. Regardless of the script inconsistencies, Sharp’s beautiful highly detailed artwork is the main draw for this issue.

Justice League #32 interior art

The League has rarely looked this good since Rebirth started. Sharp gives a cinematic presentation to every page making for a gorgeous read in both the quiet and action-packed moments. Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll see of Sharp working with Justice League.

This isn’t the most essential Metal tie-in, but Sharp’s art makes it worth picking up.  — Jeffrey Lyles

Rating: 8 out of 10

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