DC Comics reviews for 11/1/17

Superman #34

Superman #34 cover

Imperius Lex rolls on with the Superman family separated and desperate to reunite.

With Superman, Lois and Jon separated, writers Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi spend the issue focusing on three subplots.

Lois gets the most attention this issue, which is fine since she has a pretty interesting scenario as she gets caught by the Female Furies. After showing her skills in battle, Lois gets an offer that could help her find Superman and Superboy while putting her on a dangerous path. Since Lois has been somewhat neglected on the Superman & Superboy stories, it’s nice to see her getting some attention on the action front. Superman has to bail Luthor out of a riot of his own making while Superboy attempts to escape from some of Darkseid’s hounds.

If the issue disappoints at all is how it teases the latter two subplots. Tomasi and Gleason can’t give enough attention to Superman/Luthor and Superboy’s plight and for the story flow, it would have been fine saving those stories for another issue.

Superman #34 interior art

I’m not the biggest fan of multiple artists, especially for a 22-page issue, but it works here. Jack Herbert pencils Lex and Superman’s subplot while Ed Benes handles Lois Lane and the Female Furies and Dough Mahnke bats cleanup on Superboy’s arc. It’s good to see Herbet back on Superman again as his art style has a great blend of classic heroic portrayals and modern attention to detail. Herbert definitely is an artist that needs to be drawing Superman more often and that’s part of the reason for the disappointment with Superman’s limited role this issue.

Story flow complaints aside, this is the kind of fun, crazy scenario that makes Superman such a fun read. We’ve seen Superman lost in Apokolips before, but with his family and arch-enemy along for the ride, it offers a fresh, unpredictable read. — Jeffrey Lyles

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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