DC Comics reviews for 11/1/17

Batman: Devastator #1

Batman Devastator #1 cover

While the novelty of Nightmare Batmen may have faded, it doesn’t matter when they’re at the level of Batman: Devastator, which might be the best yet.

This chapter focuses on a Bruce Wayne that can harness the powers of Doomsday. On his Earth, Superman went mad and starts killing everyone. Devastator Batman wants to make sure that doesn’t happen to another Earth. But if he racks up a body count along the way? No problem. But how Batman saves everyone is even more horrifying.


Writer Frank Tieri centers this story around two types of infections — the Doomsday virus itself and how that Batman considers his love for his best friend even deadlier.

In addition to the typical indomitable strength, this Doomsday has some special Superman killing weapons. But just like in similar scenarios, to strike out against his allies cost Batman everything on his world.

This helps give Devastator a fresh perspective. He’s focused on killing Superman not just some random vengeance against another world.

Batman Devastator #1 interior art

It was good to see Tony Daniel’s work again. I was disappointed his stint on Suicide Squad was so short especially with the action-packed carnage he unleashes this issue. His work is even better than normal here as Devastator is very well detailed and some very expressive character work.

There’s tie-in issues and then there’s that rare tie-in issue that does something really special with an amazing concept. Batman: Devastator is one of those. Make sure to get this one. — Jeffrey Lyles

Rating: 10 out of 10

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