DC Comics reviews for 11/1/17

Batman: White Knight #2

Batman White Knight #2 cover

Issue #1 of Batman White Knight left us off with Jack Napier, (formerly known as The Joker), building up a solid case against the Gotham Police Department and Batman. In this new issue, his speech at court is given and the lack of evidence to support the claims of the GPD wins Jack his innocence. Released from prison and plagued by the guilt of his drug induced actions of his Joker past, Jack seeks to repair his relationship with Harleen Quinzel, (Harley Quinn), and bring Gotham to glory with a new plan.

Batman White Knight might be my new favorite DC entry in the Batman universe. Dialing back on the action, domestic abuse, and Batman in general, this is a more intellectual and comprehensive look into The Joker and his aim at redemption. Perhaps the most interesting part of this issue is the revelation that he has been dating a different woman calling herself Harley Quinn for months until the real and true Harley shows up.

Batman White Knight #2 interior art

Harley’s presence in this universe is an important one. She exposes Jack’s blatant narcissism and obsession with Batman to the point where it mirrors an unhealthy relationship. This persistent, mind consuming behavior is what blinded Jack from seeing that the real Harley Quinn left him a while ago. Her reason for leaving reveals another crime Joker committed as well as another plausible reason Batman could be obsessed with Jack’s imprisonment/demise as well.

Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth’s tale of the war outside of and within the mind of the criminal known as The Joker is not one to be missed. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

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