DC Comics reviews for 11/1/17

Green Lanterns #34

Green Lanterns #34 variant cover

Tim Seeley is settling into his new Green Lanterns gig nicely. Already the dynamic between Baz and Cruz is a lot more fun, playful and engaging. Sam Humphries was getting them there, but the title has found its sweet spot with Baz and Cruz acting like best friend co-workers attempting the impossible.

Seeley also has a good sense of how long to extend storylines. Work Release ended with two issues. Baz and Cruz’s efforts to get an alien race off its dying planet with the assist of another race didn’t need to be six issues. Besides, Seeley laid some threads for future storylines that definitely seem worth revisiting.

In addition to the action, Seeley continues fleshing out the Lanterns’ personal lives. Both tried to get jobs last issue, but neither works out like they expected. I appreciate Seeley incorporating Baz and Cruz’s races into scenarios where there could be some discrimination. That brings a welcome realistic element to this comic about space cops with magic rings.

Green Lanterns #34 interior art

Ronan Cliquet keeps showing improvement each issue. He seems more willing to experiment with Lantern constructs, which is a major part of the fun in a GL book. His character facial work has also evolved showing great personality out of Baz and Cruz to further humanize them. Seeley and Clinquet make for a great combination on this book and hopefully that’s the status quo going forward.

Green Lanterns is on a strong roll and I’m glad Seeley has streamlined the story elements to make for an easy jumping on point for new readers. They’ll be in for a blast just like long term readers. — Jeffrey Lyles

Rating: 8 out of 10

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