DC Comics reviews for 11/1/17

Injustice 2 #13

Issue #13 of Injustice 2 begins with Black Adam and Kara as she is hiding from the rest of the cast. Learning her new abilities with Black Adam is placed on temporary hold when Nightwing visits Kahndaq. His visit is to warn Black Adam of the likely potential of war coming to his land, but he ends up also seeing Kara and wonders who she is. What does his discovery of this Kryptonian woman mean for him and for the future?

An exciting, action packed issue is found within the pages as Kara begins to learn more about the world around her and beyond her place in Kahndaq. Nightwing’s emotional and physical pain resonates within Kara and she taps into her powers to save innocent townsfolk. The focus being on three members of the cast made this issue all the more understandable and approachable to newcomers to the Injustice comic series. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 9 out of 10

The Jetsons #1

The Jetsons #1 cover

The Jetsons have returned in comic book form. This time in a sci-fi drama, The Jetsons are surviving and thriving after numerous natural disasters sent Earth under water. Now living in the sky, The Jetsons may be facing a new kind of danger.

This new mini-series by Pier Brito and Jimmy Palmiotti aims to change the comedic tone of the animated sitcom and explore more of their surrounding.

Some characters have also changed since Jane is now a scientist for NASA whereas her origins in the 60’s and mid to late 80’s have her as a homemaker and stay at home mother. Rosie the robot, originally just a purchased robot in the original series, is now George’s mother digitized.

Fresh and full of potential, The Jetsons #1 sets up a beautiful yet possibly doomed world with a family that wants to survive. Definitely recommended for fans of the environment of the Image Comics series Low and fans of sci-fi. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 9 out of 10

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