Image Comics reviews for 11-1-17

We’re back with another round of Image Comics reviews for the week of 11-1-17. Included in the bunch is one of my current favorite titles so let’s see what we thought of this week’s offerings:

Crosswind #5

Elsewhere #2

The Gravedigger’s Union #1

Crosswind #5

Crosswind is winding down its first arc as Cason and Juniper reveal their biggest secret — they’ve been body swapped. Writer Gail Simone didn’t waste a lot of time over multiple issues or even explaining the origin of their twist. On that hand it was great that multiple issues weren’t devoted to Character F learning the truth. This didn’t leave much room for the series’ trademark humor however resulting in an unusually flat episode. And a ton of violence with Cruz disposing of some troublemakers.

Cat Staggs’ artwork seemed a little off on some pages, but the majority still packed that signature photorealistic style that’s made Crosswind one of the best looking titles today. The way this issue played out it almost seemed like the penultimate issue, but with Crosswind set as an ongoing series, it’ll be interesting to see what Simon and Staggs have in store past this initial arc. –Jeffrey Lyles

Rating: 8 out of 10


Elsewhere #2

The last we saw Amelia Earhart and her companions in #3, they were gearing up to rescue their friends held captive by the King. Issue #4 picks up right at that moment as they form a plan. As their plan is executed, true intentions are revealed and we learn the identity of the King.

This issue ends the first arc of the Elsewhere series and it felt a bit rushed. Their battle with the King doesn’t really have the weight of its importance due to the fact that it wasn’t all that difficult to reach him. Perhaps if this issue was a slight side-story/side battle before reaching the King, I wouldn’t have felt it was rushed. But that’s not to say this issue is flawed, the big reveal of the series certainly was interesting and the art from Sumeye Kesgin is still consistent and engaging for this fantasy series.

This issue also leads us to believe that perhaps the next arc will be the best yet and I look forward to the return of Elsewhere. – Pierre Brown

Rating: 7 out of 10

The Gravediggers Union #1

In this new action/adventure/horror series from Image Comics, The Gravediggers Union takes place in a world under spontaneous attacks from supernatural creatures. Zombies, vampires, and more are killed with the skills of the Union. The leader Cole wants to make contact with witches against the wishes of authority and his teammates but he feels they may have information regarding these attacks.

Although the writing and art makes this title seem to be approachable, I’m wondering how many Image comics will have this same plot line. I could be being extremely presumptuous but so far nothing is really seeming all that original. Furthermore, I was confused as to why there’s all of this bloody violence throughout but the profanity was censored. This made me feel as though the series wasn’t meant for an adult audience even though it clearly is listed for Mature readers on the back of the issue.

I’m holding out hope for this series though because there’s a black lead character, hints of past traumatic events, and perhaps when the witches show up I’ll have a completely different opinion of the series. The first issue could have been a whole lot better regarding plot but serves its purpose of properly introducing the readers to the setting. – Pierre Brown

Rating: 6 out of 10 (December may change this)